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Attention Small Business Owners!
Get More Customers & Spend Less With…

Professional Google Adwords Management Services Backed By 15 Years Experience For
Just $149 a Month


Turn your Google Adwords campaigns into a killer lead generating machine with affordable, professional and disciplined PPC management services…backed by 15 years of experience and more than $11 million in PPC ad spend!

  • Flat fixed rate management fees regardless of your monthly ad spend
  • Disciplined application of the same sophisticated strategies & tactics used to manage more than $11 million in PPC ad spend
  • Dedicated Account Manager who manages your individual keyword bids and constantly optimizes your account
  • 15+ years of PPC expertise applied to your business to explode your sales
  • Dramatically increase your PPC advertising ROI

Just $149 per Month…No Matter How Much You Spend

  • We find that most small and medium sized businesses need just 200 keywords and 10 to 20 different ads.  So we’ve structured our $149 Google Adwords service around this account size.
  • Think you need more keywords or ads?  No problem! We will work with you to come up with the optimal number to maximize your success and then price your monthly fixed fee accordingly.  Your fee is always based on the number of keywords and ads.  Not your monthly ad spend!
  • Advertise on Bing too? We’ll provide excellent campaign management for that account for just $99 a month for 200 keywords.
  • Have an existing account with more than 200 keywords? We’ll audit and reorganize your Adwords campaigns using our time tested optimization methodology. And help you determine how many keywords & ads you really need to be successful. And then structure our monthly fee based on this new account & keyword structure.
  • Whether you spend $10 per click and $5000 a month, $1 a click and $500 a month, or anywhere in between, our low monthly fees won’t change.

No Long Term Contracts

  • Our service is truly risk free.  You can cancel at any time for any reason.
  • If we’re not earning your business every day, then we don’t deserve your business.
  • Your Google Adwords account is always yours. And never established in our name.
  • Our fee structure is simple.  There is a one time setup fee of $249 and then a monthly fee of just $149.  Billed at the beginning of each month.

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